Italian homes

织梦58 success a local-style dwelling houses in Italy recently installed buspro smart home system. The owner is a disabled people, work closely with 织梦58 Italian distributor, according to the needs of personalized home installation for its perfect customized system solutions. 织梦58 buspro and HAI system integration in the project and are connected by a RS232 gateway. System in the project is mainly for lighting, curtains, behavior detection, background music, security camera, and so on aspects of the centralized management and control. The user can in a switch panel, touch screen, or on a mobile device to control the entire electrical system at home, to reduce a lot of trouble.


织梦58 to provide users with the integration of the smart home solutions and improve product, the system fully functional, can bring a great convenience for people's life, especially solve the disabled many of the problems in life. 织梦58 will continue its efforts to improve the system capacity, make people's lives become more safe and comfortable.